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Women Body Painting Trends

Women Body Painting Trends

Women Body Painting

Women body painting is an art and growing trend to stay stylish and beautiful. Due to the great sex appeal it carries, body painting trends are getting immense popularity day by day among both men and women. However, women body painting is more admired as it is the perfect way for ladies to flaunt their beautiful body and beautify their natural curves. Beautifying the woman’s body and skin for exhibitionism is not an unknown concept, but in fact it has given a dynamic thrust with the body painting trends.

Traditionally, women body painting was done with clay, natural pigments and henna. However, today, body painting trends have changed a lot. The traditional way have been replaced with more advanced body painting trends with the use of modern technology and advanced techniques.

Flaunt with style

Body painting trends give an edge to women to flaunt their body in style. Women body painting is a fantastic way to display your skill on a versatile canvas of skin through the use of different shapes and colors. The body painting trends gained great popularity when done on nude bodies, as it gives more meaning to work of art.

Full body painting

Body painting trends are widely admired because it is not like tattoo, as this paint can be removed. While the women body painting is sensual and sexy, it requires attention to details and a lot of patience at the same time. A session of women body painting can last up to 10-12 hours with the necessary breaks.

Latest techniques of body painting trends

Women body painting art is popular as women love to paint their body with different art which makes them look hot and happening. Though, body painting trends look best on nude body, but they can also be done on various parts of body like face, arms, belly and so on. Following are some of the latest techniques of stylish women body painting.


Cosmetics like mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick are used in women body painting. Make sure that you are using lead-free cosmetics as body paint.


Using henna is one of the natural and popular body painting trends which can last for weeks.

Airbrush Tattoos

These temporary and waterproof tattoos are also used in women body painting and are applied with an airbrush gun. They can be applied in multiple colors and can last up to two weeks.

Water-Based Body Paints

Women body painting done with these paints will need more frequent touch-ups. This body paint tends to rub-off, crack and be susceptible to sweat.

Oil-Based Paints and Liquid Latex

These body painting trends look convincingly like clothing, as it sets and binds well to the skin. These are water proof and can last less than a week. However, before doing women body painting using these colors, make sure that the person doesn’t have a latex allergy.

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