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Eight wardrobe edit 2022: X pieces for the New Year-New Me look!

When the whole world plummeted into a deadly virus and freaky weather, fashion was the only thing that kept people half sane. Moving into 2022, we’ve seen loads of popular trends squeezing their way in while bidding many a respectful farewell. It’s time to leave behind past fashion blenders and have a fresh start with this year’s updated wardrobe. So, what’s in, what’s out, let’s find out!

1 – Maxi skirts all the way

Maxi skirts have been popping in major runway collections with a few tweaks. Maxi skirts are this year’s cozy and comfortable wear which you can pair with either glamorous tops or oversized pieces. However, if you are going for the good-length maxi skirt, ensure it is sleek and streamlined because that’s what we are going for in 2022. You can play with mix and match patterns; try a stretch-knit skirt or a beautiful maxi pencil skirt with a turtleneck crop top.

2 – Invest in unique jeans style

Why do we even bother to say that jeans are trending? They are not a trend; they are an eternal part of our wardrobe. So, what has changed? The most prominent fashion update is that women are going for unique styles for jeans. They are throwing skinny jeans in the shredder and choosing flared, boyfriend, and even baggy jeans. When paired with your favorite tops, these unique styles offer femininity and edge.

3 – White all the way

Since we are all about inclusivity now, you must be thinking, why white? You may think that white is not a plus-size color, but you can’t be more wrong! When you look at plus-size dresses for women in white, you’ll know what we are talking about. You can go for all sorts of iterations, whether it’s sequins, ruffles, or even cut-outs. White with a blend of key neutral tones is all set to become the most prominent color of 2022. So, try white dresses or jumpsuits, oversized blazers, and even a puffer coat.

4 – Knitwear is trending

Gone are the days when we used to think that knitwear was a grandma thing. Now they are part of the high-fashion 2022 catalogs. The choices are endless, from chic knitwear dresses to knit crochet tops and even maxi skirts. They are the ultimate symbol of comfort wear which we’ve gotten used to thanks to the lockdown. Luckily, we’ve seen many prominent fashion brands using sharp silhouettes knitwear as the star of their collection, and we recommend you do the same for 2022.

5 – Bralettes are in

“Less is more” was the motto on the runway for 2021, so why should we expect anything else in 2022? Going for this approach means that you can now use bras as tops! Bra tops or bralettes are everywhere, from being worn as a single piece with high-waist pants or layered with a jacket of your choice. It’s a bold piece of clothing that we think should find a place in your 2022 wardrobe. You can also wear a matching set with a dramatic jacket or an oversized blazer, some platforms, and a pencil skirt.

6 – Sequins and sparkle are not going anywhere

What’s wrong with wearing a little bit of glitter to shine out there? It’s just like Rihanna said, shine bright like a diamond! And that’s why we are sticking to good old sequins, glitter, and sparkle. Sequined clothes will be your pass to a fashionable 2022 summer, especially if you know how to rock the subtler pieces. For instance, if you’ve chosen a sequined T-shirt, you can pair it with simple cropped white pants and minimal jewelry for a super casual yet trendy look. However, if you want to take the glitter up a notch, you should go for wet metallics, satins, and simply anything that shines.

7 – Oversized blazers will rock

Oversized has been a fashion trend since we all know when. What started as a campaign for women wanting to wear whatever they want (anything besides curve-hugging clothes), oversize clothing has become a wardrobe staple that retains its position in 2022. What we particularly wish to have in our 2022 wardrobe are oversized blazers. These are the chicest pieces of clothing in the oversized universe. They look stunning for both casual and office looks. Blazers are a timeless trend, and oversized silhouettes with your go-to bottoms are a runaway favorite this year.

8 – Minis are making a major comeback

We know it’s contradicting having minis and oversized in the same list, but the fashion world is all about inclusivity. When you are rocking a classic oversized blazer at the top, you can flaunt your gorgeous legs with a very short skirt at the bottom. Minis are making a comeback in 2022, especially when you’ll be transitioning to hotter seasons. Miniskirt suits, mini dresses, and mini-LBDs were hot on the runway, so we recommend they find a place in your wardrobe too.


Fashion trends are constantly changing; that’s why it is essential to keep your wardrobe updated for fresher looks. We saw many celebrities breaking stereotypes and giving us fashion gems to work on by the end of 2021. So, if you’ve been wondering what to wear in the coming seasons, take inspiration from our above list of essential wardrobe updates, and you’ll be good for the entire year.

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