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How Prince William, Kate Middleton left Prince Charles ‘out in the cold’

Kate Middleton and Prince William, reportedly, feel “most at home” in Anmer Hall.

Prince William and Kate Middleton received a special gift from Queen Elizabeth when they tied the knot. As the public would recall, the British Monarch gave them Anmer Hall as their country home.

While this may be a present from the head of the British Monarchy, their decision to relocate to the estate, reportedly, “shocked” Prince Charles. Royal experts and commentators claimed that this even caused sadness to the Prince of Wales, according to the Daily Express.

A tension among Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton

Speaking to Channel 5’s documentary titled, When The Middletons Met The Monarchy, experts, and commentators claimed that there is tension between the Cambridges and Cornwalls. This came after Prince William and Kate Middleton, reportedly, chose Anmer Hall as their country home, adding that they feel “most at home” in the estate.

Tom Quinn revealed that this “shocked and saddened” Prince Charles. The reason being is that Norfolk is a “very long way” from Highgrove in Gloucestershire.

The expert continued that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seemingly “left him slightly out in the cold.” Apart from being far away from him, the Prince of Wales does not allegedly get to see his grandchildren more often.

The Prince of Wales’ jealousy

In the same documentary, relationship experts also asserted that Prince Charles has likely “grown frustrated” about the situation. Anjula Mutanda claimed that the royal-born Prince is “jealous” that he only gets to spend “little time” with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children.

As noted, such rumors have been apparent for years. The expert countered, however, that it was “perfectly natural” to feel this way, especially for grandparents.

Despite this, commentators Tom Quinn and Ashley Pearson had a different opinion on the matter, according to the Daily Express. They insisted that the Duchess of Cambridge will want her side of the family to “have a large influence” on her children’s upbringing.

A “gap” with the Duchess of Cornwall

Apart from the reported tension with Prince Charles, the Cambridge couple is reportedly suffering from a “major gap” with Camilla. The same royal experts stated that the Duchess of Cornwall was “not keen” on the Duchess of Cambridge.

As explained, Kate Middleton did not shoot nor had no interest in horses. Hence, the gap depended dramatically on the two Duchesses’ interests.

Although Prince William felt this dynamic, royal experts noted that Camilla has already “warmed” to the future Queen Consort. This came after she recognized the Duchess of Cambridge’s “solid virtues.”

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