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Television Shows Not to be missed

Television Shows Not to be missed

Here’s a round up of some television shows you really shouldn’t miss and these television shows are sure to bring out the addictive sides of your personalities!

If you haven’t seen this television series then where have you been? The dark, sinister nature of the television show coupled with its twists and turns will keep you glued to your television screens. This television show is a must see and if you haven’t seen the end of season 4, then hold on for a rollercoaster of a season finale because you will be saying “Oh My God” with your jaw to the floor at the end.
Cougar Town
This new offering featuring Courtney Cox is a massive step up from the debacle of her last television series -Dirt. Cox is definitely more believable in this television series as she plays the role of a divorce mother who makes verbal boo boo’s every now and then. She sometimes comes across as irritating on the television screen at times, almost taking on characteristics from a mix of the “Desperate Housewives” women in her personality!
How I met your mother
Suit up! This television series is extremely well written and never fails to evoke laughter during each episode. The television shows character -Barney (Doogie Howser) most certainly steals the limelight with his one liners, bro code and need to bed endless scores of women all the time.

The Mentalist
This television show is perfect for those of you who crave clever, crime-solving drama, with a splash of dry humour. This television show should have you hooked from the beginning, especially as the television show has a bigger plot centered around the hunt for a dangerous and sick killer¬† “Red John”!

The best part about this television series – apart from the need to break out into song and dance during and 10 minutes after watching an episode on television- is Sue the coach. Her evil, witty comments are hilariously funny and never fail to make you cringe and laugh out loud.

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