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“I’m Just Being Miley” says Kelly Osbourne

“I’m Just Being Miley” says Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is doing anything to defend Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.

Kelly’s latest act in support of Miley is the twitter picture that she posted yesterday in which she is dressed like her ‘Undercover’ co-star, saying, “I’m just being Miley!”

Osbourne, of course, knows all about troubled life in the spotlight. She has entered rehab on three separate occasions for an addiction to painkillers. She was also arrested for assault in August 2008.

Since then, the former reality star has turned her life around, losing a chunk of weight, becoming active in the GLBT community and making it to the finals of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Now, as evidenced by her pose in the picture, Kelly wants just one thing when it comes to Miley and her critics: Peace


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