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Linda Lovelace hates to be the subject of Inferno

Linda Lovelace hates to be the subject of Inferno

The actress Linda Boreman famously known as Linda Lovelace, who had been known as the most famous porn star in the world, hates the idea of a movie being made about her.

The upcoming Hollywood movie ‘Inferno’ starring Lindsay Lohan revolves around her life and how she became an outspoken anti-porn feminist.

When the news reached to her, she and her family was distressed.

“She would have absolutely hated the idea of a film being made about her life. And I also hate the idea,” said her sister Barbara.

Linda said she had totally no idea about this and that no one in the film industry has told me about it.

“This will kill my father. He has taken about all he can take.” She said.

“These people are all just money-hungry. Why can’t they let my sister just rest in peace?” Barbara said.

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