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Lady Gaga’s desire to work with Boyle

Lady Gaga's desire to work with Boyle

In the BRIT Awards of the running year, Lady Gaga is anxious to work with Susan Boyle, as she always admires and loves her. It’s very generous of Lady Gaga, who is also a singer, songwriter, musician that she likes other singers in such a nice way.
48 years old, Susan won the hearts of many after performing tremendously in the UK reality TV talent show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ last year. Lady Gaga is one of the big fans of the ‘Wild Horses’ singer and wants to enjoy her company by performing with her in the coming awards of London. The album of Susan Boyle became a multi-million selling album on both sides of the Atlantic. Lady Gaga is busy in the three awards at a time in this year, and she was preparing herself to give some outstanding performance at the BRIT Awards. When Lady Gaga came to know that Susan is also planning to perform, she undertook this chance to present jointly. Lady Gaga usually makes unusual plans and this time, according to her, it will be an international story of their mutual performance.
Besides all these, Lady Gaga simply and truly loves Susan Boyle, as like millions of her other fans; as she is a lady with admiring stories and attitude.

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