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Melania’s Biographers Said That She’s Still Married To Trump Because There’s “More In It For Her To Stay Than To Go”

Trump’s all misconduct with wife Melania, but she had remained quiet legally. It’s the way she lives. Melania remained in New York saying she doesn’t want an interruption in his son’s school life.

However, Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan revealed in a book published last year that Melania delayed moving into the White House, using it as an influence for renegotiating her premarital agreement with her husband.

She also had defended his husband on vulgar Access Hollywood tape before the election. “I heard much different stuff — boys talk,” Melania Trump said in October of 2016. “The boys, the way they talk when they grow up, and they want to sometimes show each other, ‘Oh, this and that,’ and talking about the girls. But yes, I was surprised, of course.”

She didn’t speak when Trump’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th, causing mayhem, death, and countless injuries.

One Palm Beach insider recently told People magazine: “It is safe to say she plays the game for personal gain. Around here, that is not a bad thing.”

The sources talked to the former first lady’s biographers over a year, who have covered her for decades: Kate Bennett, Kate Andersen Brower, Nina Burleigh, and Jordan, People reports.

“Despite Mrs. Trump’s reluctance to reveal her interior life, there is consensus among her biographers: The former first lady is “tough” and smart and knows what she wants out of life and out of her relationship with the former president, 74, with whom she has formed an enduring if an unsentimental bond,” the report states.

“And she enjoys the power and benefits of her elevated station,” the outlet reports. “She also mirrors her husband’s values — prizing public image and loyalty — and nowhere was that parallel starker than after the Capitol insurrection, when she did at last choose to speak.”

The report continues, “According to Bennett and Jordan, the former first couple both value fealty and their brands, although they have gone about it in reverse ways: He is all reality-star pomposity and businessman braggadocio, while she built up higher and higher walls even as the White House made her internationally famous”.

“She liked all the accouterments that go with being the first lady and living in the White House,” Bennett said. “I think she enjoyed it. I know she did. But did she dream one day a little girl in communist Slovenia that she would be the first lady of the United States? Not.”

Kate Andersen Brower told the magazine, “Mrs. Trump was “the most reluctant first lady we’ve had in modern history”.

“The first lady is supposed to act as the ‘consoler in chief,’ especially when you’re married to a man who is so inept at consoling people and has a real empathy gap there,” Andersen Brower said. “She should be the one who is speaking to the American people and reassuring Americans that things are going to get better and being positive, in the way Laura Bush did after 9/11. But we just don’t hear that from her.”

It’s all about money. Quelle surprise!

“Her main driver, according to the people that I talked to, she kept saying — ‘I just want an equal share for Barron,’ Jordan said. “Meaning an equal share to the older three who are always front and center, Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka.”

“They told me over and over again,” Jordan said, “‘There was more in it for her to stay than to go.’

Well! Out of surprise, the least famous first lady Melania departed the White House. Just like his husband who was the least popular U.S president of American history. Mrs. Trump’s legacy as the first lady will be her hypocritical anti-bullying Be Best campaign — and her silence.

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