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Melania Trump Sent one Last Message with her Exit Outfit

The new 46th President of US Joe Biden and vice President Kamala Harris were at last sworn on January 20, 2021 at Capitol Hill, while Donald and Melania Trump made a quick exit to Florida, deciding not to go to the function.

While politics became the overwhelming focus, the fashion and style were really fantastic as well, from Kamala Harris wearing suffragette purple, to artist Amanda Gorman’s red Prada headband and J-Lo’s Chanel hoops, to the Lady Gaga peace brooch that got everyone’s attention.

Tragically not all outfits on that day appeared to have been that positive or cheerful. Melania Trump stood apart with her emphatically funereal ensemble as she went out from the White House.

She donned a black coat with gold catches, combined with a pencil skirt and dark courts, just as some sun glasses. She additionally conveyed a dark crocodile skin Hermes Birkin sack.

Many drew correlations between her outfit and the one Jackie Kennedy wore to the memorial service of her significant other President JFK in 1963.

As she left, she told a horde of allies, ‘Being your First Lady was my most noteworthy honor. Much obliged to you for your affection and your help. You will be in my considerations and petitions. God favor all of you, God favor your families and God favor this lovely country.’

They streamed off to Florida, where by distinct difference, the previous First Lady changed into a 70s-roused orange and blue dress, with a through and through brighter/ sunny disposition.

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