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Kristen Stewart Makes Eisenberg a Better Actor

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The duo – who previously worked on 2009’s ‘Adventureland’ together – have teamed up again for ‘American Ultra’ and Jesse believes they help each other to achieve greater potential.

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He told Collider: ”She’s her toughest critic and as am I. So in addition to making each other better by virtue of us working hard together, I think also we make each other feel a little more confident about what we are doing. Because I can tell when she’s not feeling great about something and she can tell when I’m not feeling great about something.” Jesse also revealed that he would often get so nervous on the ‘Adventureland’ set that he couldn’t eat and Kristen would feed him.

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He said: ”When we did ‘Adventureland’ I used to forget to eat out of anxiety and she would bring me food. So she’s a real sweet women and I can tell when she’s not feeling great about something where the movie is concerned and then I try to make her feel good about it. Because she’s good she’s very talented in her skill set.”

Source: tv3.ie

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