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Kendall Jenner Twitter Account Was Hacked With These Racy Tweets

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If you recently noticed some uncharacteristically graphic tweets coming from Kendall Jenner Twitter account, rest assured they were the work of a low-life hacker and NOT from the 19-year-old model and reality star.Kendall Jenner Photo

Kendall is unfortunately the latest celeb to fall victim to a cruel hack, following similar recent scandals involving Taylor Swift and Lea Michele. On Tuesday (April 7), three extremely insensitive tweets appeared on Kendall’s timeline that contained disturbing messages about her (strictly platonic) friend Justin Bieber and her dad, Bruce Jenner.

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The tweets were quickly deleted and both accounts mentioned in the tweets (@ThyClerk and @fuckcynical) have been suspended. Kendall has yet to publicly comment on the incident, but we’re guessing she’ll simply shrug the haters off like the classy pro she is.

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