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Kate Winslet Has Banned Computers at Home

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Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet feels computers distract children at home and has banned them from her house. The “Steve Jobs” actress has imposed strict rules about the use of electronics in the family home and does not let her children, Mia, 14, Joe, 11, and 22-month-old Bear anywhere near laptops, desktop computers or smart tablet devices, “They (the kids) don’t have computers since we don’t do that in my own home.

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Kate Winslet Banned Computers

You’ve to be always a tad cautious with that material with kids like all of US are since they may become hooked on it. “I want them to be kids but it’s a hard fight when they say ‘But so and so’s got one, why can’t I have one?’. I say ‘well, because you can go and climb that tree instead.’ So it is quite a difficult fight for a parent to fight, but we’re winning,” said Winslet, 40.

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