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Kate calls truce on brother’s feud

Duchess Catherine isn’t up for a public war of words, and she was almost entirely out of the war between her husband and brother-in-law – even when her name was publicly verified by Meghan in her Oprah interview!

But New Idea realizes that Kate definitely wouldn’t allow Harry the opportunity to have Harry at home without Meghan begging, and use it to get siblings back into conversation conditions after more than a year of silent treatment.

“Kate doesn’t say much about her, but she has a calm way of getting people to listen and she turned that skill on to both Harry and William as she said goodbye to Prince Philip while her family gathered in Windsor” says a source.

39-year-old Kate is said to have helped Wills and Harry with their joint homage to their grandfather, who was released 30 minutes in a row. Although they were different, they were very representative of their personalities.

William took on a more solemn tone and shared a few words, accompanied by a photo of his son Prince George and Prince Philip. She praised her “extraordinary” grandfather for her lifelong support to the Queen and promised to help her in her absence.

Meanwhile, Harry added some humor to his memory by declaring the Duke of Edinburgh to be “brazier, joke legend and” sassy until the end.

Perhaps most touching was Williams’ revelation that Prince Philip had a special relationship with Kate: “I will always be grateful for the kindness my wife had in knowing my grandfather for so long.”

It is this relationship that is determined to heal the rift between Harry, 36) and William, 38, when Harry steps down from the royal family and flies to LA with Meghan in 2020.

Kate, who, like most family members, has always had a wonderful brotherly relationship with Harry, was appalled when the Sussexes approached Oprah. However, she did not forget one valuable lesson Philip taught her during her ten years of mentoring – it is her duty to support her husband and make peace during times of family disputes.

The source added that Wills and Harry, who walked behind Philip’s coffin together at the funeral, reached an unwilling truce: “Kate never expected her to take her advice so soon, but she is very grateful for it. Kate’s calming presence.

“But don’t expect it to last longer than the last church bell,” the source shouted.

“Harry and Wills still have a lot of bad blood to solve, even beyond Kate. I think William Harry will find it hard to believe that once Meghan returns to his anti-royal influence in California … time will tell. “”

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