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Julia Roberts Thinks Her Marriage is ‘Fascinating’

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Actress Julia Roberts finds her own marriage “fascinating”. The 48-year-old “Money Monster” star, who has children Hazel and Phinnaeus, 10, and Henry, eight, with husband Daniel Moder, believes the key to a long and successful relationship is to stay “invested and interested,” reported Female First. “I think it’s about being committed to each other, about having the same values and wanting the same things from life. As for keeping it going through the years, a girlfriend who has been married for a very long time said a great thing once.

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“She said, ‘If you want to be in an interesting relationship, stay in the same one’ and I think that’s true because 15 years into our relationship, I find the continual excavation of what goes on between us quite fascinating. So maybe the real key is to stay invested and interested in your partner,” the actress said.

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