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Selena Gomez opens up about Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez opens up about Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

She recently reunited with on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber for what feels like the hundredth time. And Selena Gomez has opened up about her often tumultuous relationship with the singer, admitting in an interview with InStyle magazine that she couldn’t help fall in love with the 19-year-old star. In the interview, which was conducted before the pair’s most recent reunion, Selena, 20, said it can be difficult having such a high-profile celebrity relationship.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Nude

She said: ‘It’s uncomfortable that everywhere I go, people know. I don’t like that. But Justin and I never really focused on the attention. ‘You can’t help who you date. So I wouldn’t swear off that or say that’s what I want again. I don’t know. I’m a kid, and a breakup is normal. ‘I have to go through the emotions and feel it out. I’m doing my own thing, being with my friends, and he’s doing very well too.’

And while Selena and Justin have since rekindled the flame, the singer admits that writing a song for her new album about their last break-up was somewhat therapeutic. She said: ‘That’s the most personal track on the record, for sure. I think it’s a sweet way of releasing it. ‘It’s not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting. I’m sure he’ll love it too.’ Meanwhile, Selena’s interview comes as it’s claimed she and Justin are doing everything in their power to make their romance work this time around.

The pair confirmed they were giving things another go when they were spotted kissing, for the first time since their split at the end of 2012, while in Oslo, Norway.  A source told that: ‘Selena and Justin are taking things slow. They’re talking on the phone since she left him and they are working things out. ‘Justin admitted that he has a lot of growing up to do. But they both want to make it work, so what can you say? They grew up together and they are still obsessed with each other.’

Source: Dailymail

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