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Jennifer Aniston riles up Twitter over ‘insensitive’ Christmas ornament

American actor Jennifer Aniston has some trouble knocking on her doorstep this Christmas after she posted a photo of an objectionable ornament on Friday.

The decoration piece for her Christmas tree ignited quite a few angry reactions as it had the words “Our first pandemic 2020” engraved on it.

While no caption was added alongside the photo, many fans didn’t seem too thrilled with the Friends actor commemorating a dark period in many people’s lives across the globe.

Twitter users called out the 51-year-old who seems to be overlooking the numerous losses and the many challenges that arose following the coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer Aniston is a damn fool for posting that ornament on her story… celebrities are ditzy,” wrote one user.

“‘Cheers to our first pandemic of 2020, where millions of people died! let’s celebrate that on a Christmas ornament!’” added the user.

“Why’s jennifer aniston talking abt ‘our first pandemic’ like it’s a baby shower,” wrote another user.

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