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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ‘laugh off and move on’ from their awkward Grammys ‘spat’

Ben Affleck
( Image: CBS)

Jennifer Lopez will likely “laugh off” her awkward interaction with her husband Ben Affleck at last week’s Grammy Awards, according to a famous public relations expert.

After being caught on camera ‘snapping’ at the Hollywood celebrity, the Jenny from the Block hitmaker, 53, will apparently “move on” from the embarrassing ordeal.

Ben, 50, was caught on camera in an apparently heated and cringeworthy exchange with their wife JLo at the glitzy awards show in Los Angeles last weekend.

Footage of the experience has now gone viral, with many claiming that the couple didn’t notice the TV cameras shooting show host Trevor Noah directly in front of them.

Now a US-based entertainment publicity expert tells The Mirror that the Waiting for Tonight diva and Gone Girl actor would “simply laugh off the awkward condition and move on”.

Entertainment PR Sven Patzer told us: “The recent ‘happy face’ moment between Jennifer and Ben has indeed gone viral and generated a lot of buzz on social media.

“It is also possible that they were not aware of the specific camera or microphone capturing their conversation, and were caught off guard at that moment.”

Earlier this week, a seat filler came to TikTok to clarify what happened between the couple, and it wasn’t as bad as people think.

“JLo showed Ben Affleck the phone and was like, ‘Oh my god, honey. Look at this meme circulating about you and he was like, ‘Oh god, this again’.”

The Grammys attendee revealed that the couple was “super lovey-dovey” throughout the night and that their “hands were always intertwined”.

Sveny Corp CEO Sven told The Mirror: “Jennifer and Ben are experienced and seasoned celebrities who have been in the public eye for many years.

“They are likely to have developed a certain level of resilience and poise when it comes to dealing with such incidents.

“It is possible that they will simply laugh off the awkward moment and move on, as they have both dealt with similar situations in the past.”

On the likelihood that JLo didn’t know the cameras were rolling, Sven added: “It is impossible to know for certain whether Jennifer was aware of the cameras or not.

“But based on their experiences as high-profile celebrities, it is likely that they will handle the situation with grace and professionalism.”

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