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Prince Harry’s Memoir Making Royals ‘Hugely Nervous’ Like A ‘Time Bomb’: Report

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry could not amend his upcoming memoir unless he makes it “nastier,” according to a royal biographer.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly stalling their Netflix documentary and Prince Harry’s book. Prince William’s brother’s memoir is making the royals “hugely nervous,” like it’s a “time bomb,” Page Six reported.

British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower weighed in on the couple’s decision, especially on Prince Harry’s memoir. According to him, it’s not something the royal could easily amend.

“I think that everybody knows that the Sussexes can’t amend the book in any way,” Bower told Page Six. “Can they make it nastier? Because otherwise, we wouldn’t get sales.”

The “Revenge” author also shared the rumors in London that the book will be coming out around “Easter and will include in it a chapter on the [Queen’s] funeral.”

“And there’ll just be more material about how they were snubbed and all the rest of the invective against the royal family,” he added. “So I think to that extent, the delay will add to the poison.”

British journalist and Prince Harry’s biographer Angela Levin echoed the same sentiment. In her opinion, it would not be easy for the Sussexes to change Prince Harry’s book, which was initially set to be released in November but was moved to sometime next year.

“I don’t know if the publisher will let him because it’s almost ready to go, and publishers can’t just suddenly quickly change things as a newspaper can,” Levin said on GB News. “We’ll have to wait and see what’s in there.”

She added that the publishers paid Prince Harry $20 million for the book, and “they might just say we don’t want you to take it all out, so it’s soft and nice because that’s not very interesting for that sort of money.”

previous report from Page Six citing unnamed insiders claimed that Prince Harry and Markle wanted to delay their docuseries and the memoir to edit their content. They reportedly want to remove or downplay most of what they said about the new fab four — King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

Levin speculated that with the couple asking to push back their projects, “there’s quite a lot that they’ve said and done that they now don’t think is appropriate.” The royal biographer added that they wanted to do the changes “because they want to come to” King Charles III’s coronation on June 3, 2023, at Westminster Abbey, according to Bloomberg.

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