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Prince Harry Warned Against ‘Manufactured Family Drama’ for Next Memoir, Says Ghostwriter

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry has been cautioned to avoid diving into Royal Family disputes if he decides to write a sequel to his memoir, “Spare.” When the Duke of Sussex released “Spare” in early 2023, it shocked readers worldwide with his claims of being treated as a “spare” by his family.

Celebrity ghostwriter Joshua Lisec advises Harry to steer clear of family issues in any follow-up memoir. Speaking to The Mirror, Lisec questioned, “The possibility of a second memoir, what is it that he wants, what else does he want to be known for? Does he want to be known for family melodrama? I don’t think so.”

Lisec further added, “To relitigate Royal Family strife seems unwise, or to extend strife, to create or even wholesale manufacture family drama feels unwise.”

Instead, Lisec suggests that Harry could take inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage,” a collection of stories about U.S. senators. “The objective of the book was to raise Kennedy’s profile nationally and also to equate him with these other senators. He could choose how he would be perceived, oh he’s the courage guy,” Lisec explained.

Elaborating on this idea, Lisec proposed, “This is an open question for Prince Harry, his agent, and a publisher to answer: what would it be like if the working title for the sequel, or not even a sequel, a prequel, was ‘Spares’ and it was a memoir-like collection of the stories of the second son or daughter of this Royal dynasty going back over the centuries.”

The idea behind this suggestion is to focus on the broader historical context and stories of other royal “spares,” rather than delving into recent family conflicts. This approach could help Harry craft a narrative that elevates his profile without causing further controversy.

As speculation continues about a potential sequel, it remains to be seen what direction Prince Harry will choose. However, the advice from experts like Lisec highlights the importance of careful consideration in order to avoid unnecessary drama and build a lasting, positive legacy.

Prince Harry’s next move, whether it involves a sequel to “Spare” or a completely different project, will undoubtedly be watched closely by both supporters and critics. The path he takes could significantly influence public perception and his role within the broader context of the royal narrative.

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