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Amal Clooney furious with George Clooney for refusing to defend Kendall Jenner: Rumor

Amal Clooney is, allegedly, furious with George Clooney for refusing to defend Kendall Jenner amid a recent backlash.

According to New Idea, Amal Clooney thinks that Jenner has been unfairly treated after she launched her tequila brand in 2018.

Back then, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was accused of appropriating Mexican culture.

George Clooney doesn’t want to get involved with Kendall Jenner’s issues

A source told the tabloid that the criticisms that Jenner has been receiving also put George in a tough situation because he also owns a tequila company.

“Kendall has been heavily criticized for this move, but nobody has ever called out George,” the source said.

Amal Clooney wants her husband to speak up

Before things could go out of hand, Amal, allegedly, wants George to speak up and defend Jenner. However, the Ocean’s Eleven actor has, allegedly, refused.

“She wants George to step in and stick up for Kendall, but he’s refusing. The entire situation has caused friction. Amal is a staunch feminist and feels Kendall is being unfairly targeted and that her husband should be a good ally and just speak up,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. George and Amal Clooney have no involvement with Jenner.

Amal Clooney, George Clooney feuding over actor’s parents

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that the Clooneys are rumored to not be on the same page.

In January, Globe claimed that Amal and George had a major argument after the latter invited his elderly parents to live in their home.

“George’s parents are getting up in age. His dad, Nick is 86, and his mom, Nina is 82. And he feels it’s his duty to have them move out from their home in Kentucky and live with them in LA. He also thinks it would be great for the twins, Ella and Alexander, who are three, to be around grandparents more,” the source said.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide any concrete proof that George invited his parents to live with him. And if he did, there’s no proof that he caused Amal Clooney to become upset with her husband.

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