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VIDEO: When Adele revealed she accidentally called Jennifer Aniston ‘Rachel’ during awkward restroom encounter

It won’t be wrong to say that Jennifer Aniston is not just America’s but the entire globe’s eternal sweetheart, who became a household name as the beloved Rachel Green from the legendary sitcom, Friends. While we’ve seen the 52-year-old actress dabble into diverse roles over the decades, many still associate her with her most memorable character, where even Rachel’s hairstyle became a trend.

Speaking of Jennifer’s immense popularity, we go back in time to a 2011 interview of Grammy-winning musician Adele as she appeared on The Graham Norton Show and spoke in detail about her past awkward encounter with Aniston. “I went for a w** with Jennifer Aniston in New York,” Adele shared with Graham before elaborating, “Security wouldn’t let me in the toilet and I met her a year before with John Mayer and she’s like, ‘No, it’s fine. You can come’ and we sat down and I could hear her p**s.”

While inside their respective cubicles, Jennifer asked Adele how she was doing and Adele accidentally called her Rachel. “I’m fine. Thank you, Rachel,” Adele recalled saying while laughing out loud.

Watch Adele recount her awkward restroom encounter with Jennifer Aniston on The Graham Norton Show below:

While Adele didn’t reveal how Jennifer reacted to her slip up, we can’t help but wonder what went through Aniston’s mind during that time.

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