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The Iron Lady – Movie Review

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady“The Iron Lady” starring Meryl Streep, is based on the life and events of Margaret Thatcher, one of the most controversial and powerful prime ministers of the Great Britain. The movie has been a great success and people all around the globe are once again under the charm of the performance and acting skills of Meryl Streep.

It has been quite a while that movies based on some famous personality, leader or reformer came to the box office. But this year, finally the ice has been broken when The Iron Lady hits the box offices globally after much wait and anticipation. The Iron Lady is based on the true life and series of events of Margaret Thatcher, one of the most controversial yet influencing and powerful prime ministers of the Great Britain. The role of Margaret Thatcher has been played by no other than Meryl Streep.

No one could have better done justice to the role of Margaret Thatcher in the movie, The Iron Lady than Meryl Streep. The convictions, determination, presence of mind and charisma of Margaret Thatcher have been beautifully depicted by Meryl Streep and once again, she has taken the hearts of her fans by storm. Undoubtedly, Meryl Streep is one of the strongest nominations for the best actress in the leading role for Golden Globe Award for her role in The Iron Lady.

PhyllidaLloyed, the director of The Iron Lady, who also directed Mamma Mia and brought out the perfection from the mesmerizing performance skills of Meryl Streep once again managed to create the same magic in The Iron Lady too. The important events, their sequences and even the slightest of details have been so well directed by PhyllidaLloyed that once you get to see The Iron Lady, you will pay your accolades to the director yourself.

The Iron Lady is one of those movies based on biography of Margaret Thatcher which is not merely a movie to be watched only by fans of Meryl Streep rather, The Iron Lady is something which will relate you with the modern era history and events of the Great Britain and that too, from the life and experiences of one of the most influential women prime ministers of the world, Margaret Thatcher.

In order to believe it, you got to see The Iron Lady. It is one of the most promising and spell-binding movies of the season and it’s a guarantee that you will fall in love with the perfection portrayed by the marvelous Meryl Streep. So, plan a trip to your nearest theatre soon and enjoy it with your family and friends. It’s a must-watch!

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