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Escape from Planet Earth

Escape from planet earth is a comedy and a 3d animated cartoon movie. This movie has been in production since 2007. Well, escape from the earth is going to release in the mid of February of this year. Lets here talk about some important people who have made this movie a huge success, this movie is directed by Cal Brunker and itself is written by Tony Leech and Cal Brunker.

Escape from Planet Earth Movie

The great movie escape from planet earth is produced by Rainmaker Entertainment. The cast of this movie includes Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, jessicia Alba, sofia Vergara, Paul Scheer and many other stars.

Escape from planet earth is an 89 minute movie and it is full of entertainment. Well, this movie is not even shown to the critics before the resale. So the film start by showing the figure of the hero Scorch Supernova, he is on his planet and that planet is named as Baab. At the start of the movie escape from planet earth the actual problem or the main storyline is not told. The main story line of this movie is about two brothers from the planet they are living which is Baab. In Escape from planet earth we can see Scorch is a very stylist astronaut who deals with the danger when he is on the work and in his in free time he has some fun activities to do. The elder brother is Gary who does all the complicated logistics work, no one values him even his son and wife.

Escape from Planet Earth 2013

Well in escape from planet earth we can see that Scorch boss sends him to the planet earth which according to him is a dark planet. Scorch thinks that no one has come back from this dark planet. The comedy starts here in escape from planet earth.
At this point in the movie escape from planet earth, Gary is leaving all his work to rescue his brother from the dark planet and he also wants to earn his family respect by doing this. The really vital issues which is in this movie escape from planet earth are that this is not a very complicated sort of movie. It is a simple, funny movie. The overall thing which is noticeable in escape from planet earth is everyone tells out their problems loudly and hence, the solution comes from emotions and talks.

Well, if you are watching escape from planet earth watch it out with a little concentration. Everything is very open and the motives of every character are given out very clearly so if you watch it with a concentration you can easily know what is going to happen next.

Escape from planet earth is a movie that represents the essence of the junky sort of children’s entertainment. This movie sarcastically aspires much of the jokes at the adults. Actually this is not just a kid movie. Well, Escape from planet earth tell us the importance of nuclear family structure in this century which is the 21st century, it is also shown in the movie that every member of the unit holds a great importance.

If we talk about the story of escape from planet earth it is not very satisfactory. Many characters are very badly written. Many sentences don’t make sense and critics have noted down this point. The reason for this could be is many writers have written this movie escape from planet earth.

If we talk about the visual of escape from planet earth, it is great because 3d technology is being used which the source of attraction for the viewers. Overall this movie Escape from planet earth provided a lot of entertainment, there was no clear message given in it. This movie made people distracted for 89 minutes.

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