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Why Princess Charlotte will ‘prove Harry wrong’

Princess Charlotte and harry
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Princess Charlotte has proven she is no longer a backup to her brother Prince George, starting to ‘prove Prince Harry wrong’ as his special day approaches (opens in a new tab) ).

The Welsh little girl started hanging out with her parents more after the death of Queen Elizabeth II (opens in a new tab) and despite being just 7 – due to be 8 next week, Princess Charlotte seems to be attracting all of her attention. walk.

The young woman’s confidence has grown over the past 12 months, from a confident position on the England women’s football team (opens in a new tab) to a personality opposite to her brother Prince George (opens in a new tab).

And while her uncle Prince Harry has previously revealed his fear of ‘small children’ (opens in a new tab) like Princess Charlotte, who may not be a first-born child’ falls into the trap he grew up in, royal expert Jennie Bond(opens in a new tab) thinks the central Wales boy will prove him wrong.

Talk to OK! (opens in a new tab) Jennie explains why: “Charlotte is still very young but I hope she doesn’t fall into the trap Prince Harry has suggested of waiting for her and feeling like an extra. because she’s her brother’s extra.”

She added: “I mean Harry has a huge burden on his shoulders about being a surrogate, we all know that. until now, but he need not assume that William and Catherine’s children will feel the same pain as he does.”

After the publication of his memoir Spare, Prince Harry told the Telegraph: “Although William and I have talked about it once or twice, and he has made it very clear to me that his children are. he’s not my responsibility, but I always feel responsible knowing that out of these three kids, at least one will end up like me, the other and that makes me heartbroken and worried.

But Jennie compared Princess Charlotte’s future role to that of Princess Anne, She explained: “Look at the Duke of Edinburgh’s appearance and especially the Princess Royal, they are. don’t feel like a spare. They go there and make it very clear that they don’t feel second-class and work hard despite it.

She added: “Charlotte and Louis will be very important people with huge privileges and huge backgrounds, so they don’t have to feel forgiven…

“I guess. yes, she will grow up and go to college and then I think she will probably have the same work ethic as Princess Anne, in that she will have a straightforward attitude and care about the job at hand. What Jennie is saying regarding reports that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are paving the way for a future ‘collective’ monarchy, he said: ‘I’m worried to other children in this family if this continues.

“Because who’s to say that someone else doesn’t fill my shoes and that their partner, whether it’s a husband or a wife or boyfriend or a girlfriend, doesn’t get treated exactly the same as Meghan did?”

But Princess Charlotte has shown her supportive side to her siblings, from correcting Prince George’s posture to giving a subtle reminder to waving to younger brother Prince Louis.

Something which we can expect Princess Charlotte to continue with during the King’s coronation which will be watched by millions on TV(opens in new tab), costing in the region of $123m (£100m) and features a coronation concert(opens in new tab) during the weekend celebrations.

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