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23-Year-Old Russian Woman Already With 11 Biological Kids Aiming For 100 Babies

Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old Russian woman, is currently raising 11 biological children — and she won’t be stopping anytime soon.

The young mother, who’s married to businessman Galip Ozturk, 56, believes her maternal instincts won’t be at peace until she gets to tend to at least 100 kids of her own. As reported on Emmanuel’s Blog, Ozturk and her husband are keen on investing 800,000 euros on having 100 babies with the help of surrogacy.

Ozturk and her husband live in the town of Batumi in Georgia, where the concept of employing surrogate mothers for pregnancy is legalized. “The clinic in Batumi chooses surrogate mothers for us and takes full responsibility for the process,” said Christina, as cited on The Sun.

“We are not personally acquainted with surrogate mothers and do not have direct contacts with them in order to avoid problems after pregnancy,” she added.

Christina’s life turned out for the best when her path crossed with Galip’s, only to have their courtship end in wedlock.

While their joint dream of having an unusually large number of kids sprouts from a common love for kids, the Ozturks’ harbor a rather peculiar dream—of starting the world’s largest family. The plan is likely to take a great deal of effort, as Counselling and legal paperwork are reportedly crucial for the surrogates, who carry the babies with genetics that belong to Christina and Galip.

The billionaire’s young wife is deeply invested in the process and has allegedly maintained that she loves to keep tabs on the nutrition and diet of the pregnant surrogates. Despite there being no financial constraints in the slightest, the couple will have to dedicate roughly two decades to reach their goal. Their dream project might also demand the need for more space, hence there being a huge possibility of an extension of their properties.

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