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Queen Rania – Amazing Woman of the World

queen rania amazing woman of the world

queen rania amazing woman of the world

If we take a peek into the history of the world, the world has been cruel, ruthless and carefree about the women of the world but even then, these magnificent creatures have managed to make their mark in this universe with the unmatched talents, beauty and strength that God has bestowed upon them.

Queen Rania

Out of all these amazing women of the world, there are a few who have strived hard not just to make their own living beautiful but bring a new dimension to the lives of the other people in this world especially the common women of the world. They are the ones who need to be applauded for raising voice and bringing revolution for people in the world just through the strength of these special women of the world.

It would be no surprise if we take the name of Queen Rania of Jordan amongst the most influential women of the world. This young lady has transformed the meaning of life for the women and children of the Arab world during this age of modern era.

The Beginnings

Queen Rania Al Abdullah came into the life of King Abdullah of Jordan in 1993 and transformed his life with all the beauties of the world with her magical influence. This one of the most influential women of the world was born to Palestinian parents who had no associations with the royal family at all. But as they say it that destiny takes you like a thunderstorm to the actual place you belong to, Queen Rania become the Queen of Jordan in 1999 and since then she is working hard to revolutionize the thinking patterns and systems of the Arab world in particular in order to bring modern reforms in education, health and uplift of poverty. She is such a strong personality that even at a young age of 39, she competes with women like Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton etc amongst the most powerful women of the world.

The Charisma

Queen Rania is a perfect example for the women of the world today. She is not only working for the uplift of society but in her personal life too she has proven to be an exceptionally dedicated wife and mother. She has in fact shown the women of the world that nothing is impossible and even with four children around and lots of work, the women of the world can lead the global economies. With her unique sense of style and charisma, Queen Rania never fails to spread her charisma over the people.

She is the heart-throb for many and thousands of people look up to her for her exceptional talents and concern for the common man. She has surely proven herself to be a unique person belonging to the royal family and taking part actively in political and social activities using her influence as one of the most powerful women of the world effectively.

The Struggle

Today, Queen Rania stands proud for establishing many great organizations which are working for the betterment and uplift of women of the world and children on a global platform. This, one of the most influential women of the world is a part of UNICEF, WEF and many other global organizations which are dedicated towards the welfare of people. It is also very interesting to note over here that even though being one of the busiest women of the world, Queen Rania has managed to come up with several books which are a beacon of hope for many young children especially the under privileged ones and the young women of the world who need to wake themselves up from the slumber of ignorance and meet the challenges of the world manfully. The beauty of these books is that they are very close from the life and experiences of Queen Rania herself and they are very easily related with the lives of a common man and it does not seem at all that they are written by one of the most powerful women of the world.

People’s Queen

Queen Rania has surely proven herself to be a people’s queen by being as much closer to her people as she can and it is true that she is one of those very few people and especially women of the world who are so connected with the masses through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and pay close attention towards the voice of the people and their needs.

A Ray of Hope

For the women of the world who particularly belong to the Arab world, it takes great strength to emerge like the way Queen Rania has emerged. She is a wonderful example of hope and righteousness for the women of the world who need to raise their voice in order to get their rights by being on the right track. By rising from the Arab world, Queen Rania has given a whole new direction to the women of Arab world in particular.

She is surely the one who has “beauty with brains” and an “all in one” package. She certainly needs to be applauded for all her tremendous efforts and Queen Rania constant struggle for the welfare of the people especially children and women of the world.

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