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Remarkable Bond Between a Woman And Her Pet Lion

woman and her pet lion

Playing around in the garden and snuggling up for a quick stroke, this is Timba the pet cat Except that Timba, weighing in at a whopping 120kg, is not  your average tabby Now a year and six months old, the white lion was adopted by owner Annel Snyman when he was just a tiny cub.Annel Snyman LIonThe 31-year-old, from the Waterberg region of South Africa, welcomed him into her home last year in the spring, and now shares nearly everything with her unconventional pet Annel, who also runs a guest house, has hand reared dozens of animals including six several kittens, a cheetah cub, five lions, a white lion and a leopard in her spare time.remarkable Lion picturesThe animal-lover admitted some people struggled to adjust to her startling choice of pet The neighbours are amazed by him and I often see them driving past and slowing down to catch a glimpse,’ she said Best fiends: As these remarkable pictures show, Annel has now formed an incredible bond with the 120kg lion, after adopting him as a cub in March last year.Amazing LionAnd relationships used to be a challenge as there was often some jealousy issues about who was going to snuggle up with who on the couch She added: ‘There are times when it is difficult to do day-to-day things but I do manage to live a normal life – well normal for me anyway They’ve also gotten used to having him investigating their coffee or any other sweet items they happen to have.White lionHe has a fantastic appetite and eats lots of meat around 4kg every day As a cub Timba could often be found snoozing in Annel’s bed but having outgrown the bedroom the friendly feline still trys to cuddle up with Annel on the sofa Couldn’t let go: After hand rearing six Servals and a Cheetah cub, Annel decided that she could no longer raise the cats, form a bond with them and then let them go and thus decided to apply to start keeping predators on a permanent basis.

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