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Unfair Consequences? Woman Loses Job Over Unexpected $100 Tip – Read Her Story!

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A restaurant server named Mar shared her unfortunate story, claiming that she was unexpectedly fired for a situation entirely beyond her control.

In a TikTok video, Mar revealed that she lost her job after receiving a generous tip from a customer. However, things took an unexpected turn when the customer disputed the tip amount with the establishment, leading to Mar’s job being jeopardized.

“I got fired today, and I’m going to tell you why. I didn’t do anything and that’s the crazy part, had I done something [then] I deserve it, I literally did nothing wrong,” Mar began in her video. Mar claimed that while working, she had been given a generous tip from a patron.


fyi my beef is w the super higher up not anyone at my restauraunt, they had my back and tried to keep me #server

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At the restaurant she worked for, if a server was given a tip over 40% they would have to inform the manager who would put it into the system for them. After getting a $100 tip, Mar immediately took it to her manager so it could be inputted into their system.

“The tip plus the total check equaled the grand total at the bottom with the signature [of the customer],” Mar explained, adding that she was completely unaware that she shouldn’t have accepted the tip amount. Shortly after that, Mar was called into an impromptu meeting with the restaurant’s general manager and another higher-up that she’s known for some time.

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They both asked Mar questions about the $100 tip she received. She informed them that she had received the large amount and her manager had let her take it since he didn’t see anything wrong with it. “Then I found out that the guy who paid call[ed].”

He claimed that his signature was clearly forged on the receipt, implying that it was Mar who had done the forging. When Mar’s boss heard about the incident, he immediately sided with the customer and didn’t give Mar any room to argue her side of the story.

“Even though I’ve never been written up, even though I’m a good employee, [and] they were literally about to make me a trainer. They sided with the guest and I’m terminated now because of it,” Mar said, adding that on the receipt, there was nowhere that Mar could’ve crossed out the original tip amount and changed it to $100 when that was what the customer had originally written.

“Instead of sitting down and being like, ‘Hmm, maybe the guest is the person who made the mistake,’ they had to point the finger at me,” she argued. “I offered many times to give the money back because they said that the company had to reimburse him $80 and that it was too much so they needed to terminate me because it was ‘my mistake.'”

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