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Wendy Williams’ Brother Calls Out Her Manager For ‘Ponying’ Her Around To Film A Reality Show Amid Health Struggles

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ brother Tommy Williams wants the former talk show host’s manager to be held accountable for taking advantage of the media queen’s fragile health. 

Tommy furiously alleged that Wendy’s manager, Will Selby, has exploited the star during her period of unstable health. In a heated video of the younger brother, shared via the Sun, Tommy expressed his anger toward Wendy’s management. 

The clip comes after his sister visited Florida in early April and filmed footage with Tommy and their father for a reality TV show. Her younger brother said the production company filmed “a lot” over several days.

Tommy accused Will of “ponying” Wendy around to make money off her high-profile status, regardless of whether she’s in her right frame of mind. 

“And the shock value is going to be where she was and where she is now?” he asked. “Is that going to be the show? Is that it? Is that what my dad has to look forward to watching? To shove our face in the fucking manure?”

Tommy also points out that the footage of his sister in her current state may harm his sister if the reality show is released when she’s in better health. He also said that “people” have been “contemplating things” for the media personality because she’s currently incapable of doing so for herself.

“Who wants these kinds of memories? Who wants this? Why couldn’t she just get better all the way? And then do something,” Tommy pondered.

 It’s unclear what Wendy, 58, is currently struggling with. Her brother described her current state as “sad” and in “poor health.”

Wendy has dealt with “ongoing health issues” since September 2021. Her poor health led to her absence throughout the final season of the Wendy Williams Show. Wendy previously commanded the show’s stage from her infamous purple chair and spilled the tea on daily “hot topics” for 13 seasons. The series aired its final episode in June 2022.

The former talk show host’s manager said Tommy never voiced any frustrations when everyone filmed together in Florida. Tommy alleged that Will didn’t speak to him or the siblings’ father at all. 

Tommy said, “Family’s always got your back, Wendy,” in a YouTube live stream on April 10. He also chatted about when the Williams filmed and celebrated Easter together.

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