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Ebanie Bridges left disfigured after suffering eye injury against Shannon Courtenay

After an offensive eye injury, Ebanie Bridges was left on Saturday night following her bout with Shannon Courtenay. It was Courtenay who developed with a consistent score victory after ten rounds, the two bantamweights remained a heated built-up.

It means that she also deserved a class title in just the eight professional bouts. So meanwhile Bridges has left for nursing a horrific wound on the left eye. An Australian stated during the fight that she could not see throughout her eye as it was so swelled up during the fight. Due to swear to swell her left eye was completely purple.

After that, she posted a photo on social media of her with the caption: “Pretty sure it was from a head butt!” She also told that “I was trying to open it to show I could see, but the last round I had to keep going to my left because I couldn’t see. And added to: “Hats off to Shannon, she can punch, she can fight. It was a great fight for me, my first fight in the UK and I’ll be back.

“I wouldn’t mind a rematch, I thought it was closer than the scorecards, and I wouldn’t mind fighting without a busted-up eye.” Overcome with emotion as she said: “I can’t put it into words, I and my whole team have worked so hard.

“I boxed better and had the cuter shots; she was trying to knock me out and I just had to stop trading. “My jab popped her eye and that was where and when I boxed best.”

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