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Top 10 Young Hollywood Actresses in 2015

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Upcoming starts and rising face of stardom, well, yes folks this is today your entertaining take on. This today will tell you the 10 young Hollywood actresses and upcoming talent which have become the face of 2015.So, here you go:

1. Brittany RobertsonBrittany Leanna Robertson

Yes, one among the new young Hollywood actresses for the year 2015. She had been a much known face of television and films since 2004 from ‘Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers’ and till present. She has emerged in 2015’s quite a make movie ‘Tommorowland’. This is one of the pretty faces of 2015.

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2. Nicola PeltsNicola Peltz

Another name of young Hollywood actress to steal your heart is Nicola Pelts. She is another face of 2015. Initially kicked off with the movie ‘Deck the Halls’ in 2006. She has stared in a movie ‘Youth in Oregon’. She had been considered as one of the 55 faces of the future by Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood Issue.

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3. Kiernan ShipkaKiernan Shipka

She is an American actress. She is recognized for playing Sally Draper on the AMC series Mad Men. She is one pretty faces of Hollywood actresses as faces of 2015. She has starred in the films ‘When Marnie was there’ ‘Fan Girl’ & ‘February’ in 2015.

4. Kaitlyn DeverKaitlyn Dever

This young Hollywood actress gained fame after her role on ABC’s “Last Man standing”. Also she has proved herself as rising star after her work in “ laggies” and “Men, Women and Children” alongside Chloe Moretz and Ansel Elgort for the former and later. She is a beauty showing up in “ The greens are gone”  the film in the year 2015 alongside Catherine Keener and Maya Rudolph.

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5. Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne

Well, the super model turned actress for the year is non-other than Cara the face of beauty with herself complimentary and inspiring personality. She is one of the young Hollywood actresses as the face for 2015. So with a list of films geared up by her including “Paper town” by John Green, “Pan” and thriller like “London Fields” (alongside Johnny depp and Amver heard! Say what?) Yes, this beauty is surely the face of 2015 as the young Hollywood rising actresses.

6. Lily JamesLily James

Yes, she is one of the most beautiful faces of 2015, 2015 has proved a big year for this sensation. Alongside Cate Blanchett she has achieved fame this year with her globally premiered Disney film “Cinderella”.  She has also made performance in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and a “War and Peace” TV miniseries.

7. Dakota JohnsonDakota Johnson

This young Hollywood actress sweeped 2015’s feet off in film career for her globally most watched movie “Fifty shades of Grey”. The daughter of very popular parents( Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson) has gained fame herself.

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8. Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke

The game of thrones’ hottie turned for the film “Terminator: Genisys” is one of the faces of 2015 and the young actress of Hollywood. All the Game of Thrones ‘fans still anticipate her for the future season of the series.

9. Lola KirkeLola Kirke

Yes, the daughter of the drummer from the band ‘bad company’ (Simon kirke), sister to the star Jemima on “Girls” HBO series is making her way up to stardom this 2015. This she has achieved by her great role in “Gone girl” and her role in “Mozart in the Jungle”. Also, she is already becoming famous with the hype of her upcoming role in “Mistress America”.

10. Alexandra DaddarioAlexandra Daddario

The biggest role to be taken “San Andreas” is this lady with her big stardom in the movie debuted. And she is still in process of filming several more movies. So yes, another name of the young Hollywood actresses for the year 2015.

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