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Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders Take Their Relationship to the Next Level with a New Puppy

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders are embarking on a new adventure together as they recently purchased a dog from Citipups. The pet store shared a video on Instagram showing the couple at the shop’s counter, eagerly filling out paperwork.

In the clip, Wonders affectionately wraps her arms around Davidson’s neck, clearly excited about their new furry addition. The couple visited the store on May 21 and brought home an adorable cava-poo puppy, according to TMZ. The little pup, a 2-and-a-half-month-old boy from a breeder, captured Davidson’s heart after he saw a photo of it.

It remains uncertain whether the new pup will solely belong to Davidson or be a shared pet. Representatives for Davidson and Wonders have not yet responded to requests for comment.

This decision comes after Davidson recently shared the heartbreaking news of his beloved dog Henry’s passing. Via his friend’s Instagram account, Davidson expressed his grief over Henry’s sudden illness and premature death at the age of two. He credited Henry with saving his family during the pandemic and expressed gratitude for the joy and love the dog brought into their lives.

Davidson and Wonders, who co-starred in the film “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” have been dating since late fall. Their connection on set was evident, and Wonders described their working relationship as seamless and enjoyable. In a recent interview, she expressed admiration for Davidson’s professionalism and emphasized their open and sacred bond, where they discuss everything with each other.

Now, with the addition of a new puppy, Davidson, and Wonders are embarking on a shared journey of pet parenthood, strengthening their relationship even further.

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