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North West Gave A Very Kanye Answer When Katy Perry Asked What She Wants To Be When She Grows Up


Compared to most 9-year-olds, North West has greater advantages. North certainly inherited her father’s creative abilities, as she demonstrated with this Ice Spice painting she published earlier this year.

North’s parents, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are both dedicated high achievers in their own areas. His confidence appears to have been passed down to her as well, as seen by a recent exchange between her and Katy Perry.

In a recent performance at her current PLAY residency in Las Vegas, Perry welcomed North on stage. North was approached to perform for the crowd by Perry, who introduced herself as a fan of her TikTok account.

North asked Perry, “Can my friends come out with me?” in an effort to enlist the help of her friends.

You’re 9 years old, that’s really wonderful, Perry said as North’s buddies climbed up on stage. You know, I began singing when I was nine years old. At that point, I discovered my little spark. When you grow up, what do you want to be? After a little pause, North replied simply and confidently, “Everything,” to the crowd’s applause.

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Kanye is someone who doesn’t like North’s TikTok. Kanye recently released a video in which he raged about not wanting North to be “used” by the platform.

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