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Meghan Markle Reportedly Feels Excluded from Coronation Plans, Is Upset the Palace is Only Fighting for Prince Harry to Attend

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With the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, last month, Harry has received plenty of media attention, either on his own initiative (going down for several interviews to promote the book) or as a result of the constant rumor-mongering about the details of the tell-all.

In contrast, Meghan Markle has mostly kept a quiet profile while letting Harry steal the show. Although the Palace is reportedly working hard to secure Harry’s participation for the May 6 event, Meghan reportedly feels left out of King Charles’ Coronation arrangements and believes that she was treated as an afterthought.

Meghan feels “excluded,” according to The Daily Mail, and as a result, “she and Prince Harry may not go,” the publication speculates. Friends claim that the pair is “in limbo” and debating a “million different factors” on whether or not to go across the ocean for the event at Westminster Abbey in London.

According to Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal analyst, security concerns and a “seismic collapse” in popularity following the release of Spectre may cause Harry and Meghan to remain in California. (Their son Archie’s fourth birthday falls on May 6, which might complicate matters even more.) Also, although Harry wants to be at his father’s side on “very much the most significant day” of Charles’ life, sources tell The Telegraph that it’s a “difficult” decision since they run the danger of “being booed or dubbed hypocrites” if they go.

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When an official invitation is delivered to their door, according to Harry and Meghan’s pals, “they will then decide if they would travel to the historic ceremony together or if Harry will attend without Meghan,” The Daily Mail writes. Also, it’s conceivable that neither shows up. No matter who shows up—either one or both—the visit will be “short.”

A buddy claims, “They don’t have any insight.” When they reach the bridge, they will cross it. According to The Daily Express, Meghan has recently been feeling “overwhelmed” and is “upset” that the Palace appears to be “just battling for Harry” to attend his father’s big day.

Phillip Schofield, a royal expert, said on Fox News that Meghan was frustrated and overburdened. “Meghan doesn’t feel left out of the planning, exactly. Meghan believes that the Palace is solely working to get Prince Harry to attend and that she is unimportant to them. And she finds it to be unsettling.

According to Schofield, one of Meghan’s biggest concerns is rejection. She recognises that her association with the royal family boosts the value of her brand domestically even if she does not want to be jeered or humiliated on a worldwide scale.

In an interview with Fox News, royal author Christopher Andersen stated, “It’s becoming more and more likely that Harry and Meghan won’t attend the Coronation. There are legitimate security concerns, to be sure, as well as the possibility of the Sussexes receiving loud jeers.

The fact that Harry and Meghan were left out of the Queen’s burial has left them still nursing their wounds. They are quite unlikely to agree to endure that kind of public humiliation once more, especially on Archie’s watch. The allegations that Meghan feels cut off from the Coronation—as well as claims that she feels “embarrassed” over Spare’s content, which includes stories about Harry losing his virginity—are “ridiculous” and “nothing but lies,” according to a source who calls herself “close to Meghan,” according to The Mirror.

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