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Meghan Markle Allegedly Feels Sick To Her Stomach Knowing Harry’s With The Royal Family

Meghan Markle Feels Sick To Her Stomach

Meghan Markle isn’t allegedly at peace with the thought of Prince Harry reuniting with the royal family.

In its July 3 issue, Heat UK claimed that Markle understands why her husband needs to be in the United Kingdom. And she’s very proud of Prince Harry for continuously honoring his late mother, Princess Diana.

However, a source claimed that a part of Markle also feels stressed out because she’s convinced that the royals would convince Prince Harry to choose them over his family.

“She’d never admit it of course, but there’s definitely a side to her that worries certain members of the monarchy will try to turn his head once they have face-time together, since there’s so much open hostility and blame directed towards her,” the source said.

The insider added that Markle knows that the royals have always seen her as the villain. And she knows she can never change their mind.

Additionally, the Duchess of Sussex is also convinced that some palace courtiers will pull her husband to one side and encourage him to leave her.

Even though the Suits alum trusts her husband completely, she still can’t help but worry about what could happen. And Markle is especially emotional these days because she just gave birth to her daughter, Lilibet Diana.

“Needless to say, she cannot wait for Harry to be done with this trip and to be back by her, Archie, and Lili’s side at their home in Montecito as soon as physically possible,” the source said.

Meghan Markle

Since Princess Diana’s memorial will take place next month, Prince Harry would have to stay in the United Kingdom for several days.

And while it is true that Markle must be missing her husband, it’s not true that she’s worried that the royal family could turn him against her.

Prince Harry and Markle have shown a united front ever since they tied the knot years ago. And no matter what was thrown their way, they dealt with it together.

Since their Megxit, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to have developed a tighter bond. So, Markle doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Meanwhile, Heat UK isn’t the only tabloid that’s claiming Markle doesn’t want Prince Harry to be in the United Kingdom.

According to Woman’s Day, Markle begged Prince Harry not to go to the United Kingdom, but he didn’t listen to his wife.

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