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Kim Kardashian Reportedly ‘Extremely Stressed’ Trying to Keep Kanye West Divorce Issues Private

Neither Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West have publicly confirmed their divorce, but according to sources the impending reality of their breakup is currently weighing heavy on both stars’ minds.

“Kanye is not doing well,” a source confessed to People. “He is anxious and very sad. He knows that the marriage is over, and there’s nothing that can be done right now. He also knows what he is losing in Kim.”

The reality of their divorce may be hitting the rapper a littler harder this month as at the beginning of February he apparently moved some of his belongings, including 500 sneakers, out of the family’s Calabasas home while Kim was on vacation in Turks and Caicos. Valentine’s Day has also typically been a holiday marked by West’s over-the-top displays of affection for his wife, which this year were notably absent.

The source added that in addition to defending her husband and his mental health publicly over the summer, Kim “has defended him privately to her family. She has stood beside him at a time where a few wives would have done that.” And while they have yet to formally file the paperwork, “There is very little hope of reconciliation,” the source reveals. “It would have to be a miracle.

But Kanye does believe in miracles.” While they may not currently see eye-to-eye, the source says that Kim very much wants West to be a part of their children’s lives going forward. “Kim has made it clear that Kanye can talk to his children anytime he wants,” they explained. “She has never threatened to keep him from the kids.

She only requires that he is not going to damage them. Kanye can FaceTime the kids anytime he wants. He hasn’t been great about that, but everyone is encouraging him to do it. Kim doesn’t want to hurt him. She just knows she can’t be married to him anymore. He is very aware that she has been a good wife. He still loves her very much. But he understands.”

But while Kim is working hard to make this transition as normal as possible for her family, another source told Entertainment Tonight that the whole ordeal is really taking its toll on the reality star. “Kim and Kanye are trying their best to keep their relationship issues a private matter, especially for the sake of the kids,” the source told the outlet.

“Kim is extremely stressed out right now between taking care of their children, studying to become a lawyer and figuring out her situation with Kanye in the best way possible for both their kids and for him and his mental state. She is doing her best to hold it together, but it has been overwhelming.”

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