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Are JLo and Ben Affleck on the Brink of Divorce or Just 50 and Tired?

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been keeping busy lately with their respective movie projects. However, their hectic schedules, along with Ben’s apparent distance from his beloved Dunkin’ Coolatta (due to living in Los Angeles, which lacks Dunkin’ Donuts locations compared to the East Coast), seem to have caused some tension between the couple.

At the premiere of JLo’s new Netflix movie, The Mother, on Wednesday night, they were seen exchanging some tense words on the red carpet.

But despite rumors of a possible fight, fans of the couple were quick to point out that they were simply having a conversation. Earlier in the week, a paparazzi video showed Ben slamming the passenger side car door shut and glaring at the camera, although he did have an iced coffee in hand, albeit unlabeled.


Ben Affleck opens & closes JLo’s car door

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Tabloids have been working overtime to provide updates on the couple’s relationship status, with some suggesting that they are not on the same page. However, as an outsider looking in, it seems to me that both Ben and JLo, who are well into middle age, are simply tired and cranky from their busy schedules and the constant scrutiny of their relationship by the media.

After all, they both have teenage children and one preteen to look after, which could certainly contribute to their exhaustion and irritability. Perhaps they simply want some privacy and a break from the constant attention.

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