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Prince Harry’s reputation ‘in shambles in royal quarters’ amid ‘hidden animosity’ towards him and Meghan

Prince Harry

In recent Prince Harry news, a PR professional said that the Duke of Sussex’s image is “in shambles in royal quarters.” That comes amid allegations that when the prince relocated to the US, royal aides gave him a fairly unflattering moniker behind closed doors.

Prince Harry allegedly acquired a degrading “nickname” from royal staff after he left royal life in 2020, according to new allegations. According to Robert Jobson, a royal author, Harry’s choice to pull back from royal obligations was put on Meghan by royal aides.

He said that although Harry seems to be the driving factor behind all that occurred, “others blame Meghan Markle for the repercussions.” Jobson also said that several of Harry’s assistants thought he had “Stockholm syndrome.”
During this time, a hostage victim forms a connection and feels sympathy for their captor.

Officials had made fun of Harry and said he had Stockholm syndrome and was Meghan’s captive, but now, he claimed, “most simply believe Harry has turned his back on all he has known.” Prince Harry’s image is now “in tatters in royal quarters,” according to PR specialist Jordan James, who is also the CEO and Head of Keys at UnlockdPR.

In an exclusive interview with ED!, he said: “The rumors circulating that even royal aides are dubbing Prince Harry ‘Meghan Markle’s prisoner’ is troubling, giving a clear message to the public that even those loosely related to the royal couple have no love lost.

These alleged comments reveal a hidden animosity towards the couple.

Rarely have we seen such a bold statement come from those so close to the actual throne, which could reveal to the public the kind of sentiment that is occurring behind closed doors with “The Firm” remaining expectantly silent. The tumultuous nature of the relationship between the royal family and the Sussexes has been well-documented.

Nonetheless, these reported remarks “suggest a latent antipathy towards the marriage and might demonstrate that Prince Harry’s image is definitely in shambles in royal quarters, with aides even allegedly accusing the Prince of having “Stockholm Syndrome,” Jordan stated.

This, he said, is a “bold remark that probably stems from the popular opinion that Harry has gotten into over his head with Meghan and is being ‘forced’ into the royal drama.” If these remarks are accurate, they present a dismal picture of how the once-dominant Prince Harry has fallen from favor, Jordan concluded.

Harry has changed from being a “beloved little Prince,” he said, to being “looked at with pity and scorn.” Jordan then brought up how Harry had said he felt lonely being a prince. But he said, “Having the assistants who may have assisted him from an early age turn on him is depressing, but not shocking.

The mocking, according to Jordan, “shows a major change in the view of the monarch,” she said. He said that it may be an indication of how these assistants, like the whole public, would feel misled by Harry’s behavior.

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