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Prince Harry Discusses Therapy, ‘Smothering’ His Children, and More: Revelations From His Dr. Gabor Mate Interview

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry sat down with Dr. Gabor Maté for a special live stream to promote his memoir, Spare on Saturday, March 4. The therapist questioned the Duke of Sussex, 40, about allegations that he is acting as a victim. “I certainly don’t see myself as a victim,” Harry said. “I’m really grateful to be able to share my story in the hope that it will help, empower, and encourage others. … And hopefully, let people understand that again, back to this human experience that we all in some shape or form, [are] all connected, especially through trauma.”

Spare was released in January, and all of Harry’s shocking revelations made headlines. From funny stories about his frostbitten penis to heartbreaking passages about how he hoped Princess Diana would one day appear and reveal she faked her death, he left no stone unturned as he dove into why his upbringing in the royal family left him with childhood trauma and how therapy helped him find happiness as an adult. He hopes that his first book will inspire others to take action to improve their own mental health.

“For me, the experiences that I’ve had throughout my childhood, throughout my life, throughout my 38 years, albeit relatively short — I’m not looking forward to becoming 40, that’s for sure — but through those experiences and through the work that I have done for two decades now around mental health and mental illness, I’ve always felt as though sharing whatever I can of my story will help someone or some people out there,” Harry explained.

The native of England claimed that The Firm cooperates with the British press to leak stories some true, some false to fit the narrative they want. Spare gave the BetterUp CIO the opportunity to set the record straight and tell his side of the story.

“There are people who have shared things of my life, outside my control, be it true or false. But to be able to share the things of my life that I think are important, for other people, it does, it feels good. But to me, it feels like an act of service,” he said, emphasizing that he hopes readers will be encouraged to try therapy.

The military veteran, who married Meghan Markle in 2019, would like to see King Charles III and Prince William try therapy. Working with a therapist taught Harry a “new language, and the people I was surrounded by didn’t speak that language.”So, he “did the thing of trying to encourage everyone [in his family] to do it,” according to Yahoo.

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