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Tyra Banks – A Beauty with Brains to Match

A business figure by day, a smiling fashion diva by night; Tyra Banks is the leading fashionista in the American fashion scene today. She is the one fashion figure that sums up the entire vogue scenario of the big apple. This afro-American beauty has proved her timelessness and her potential in a multitude of avenues; she is a businesswoman, a model, an actress, a singer, a talk show host, and a renowned fashion personality.

A truly vivacious and effervescent personality, with a bold and unique fashion statement to match, she is one celebrity figure who is full of life and animated. Having booked twenty five runway shows on her first modelling tour to Paris, Tyra Banks has created history with her unique sense of style and her extremely appealing presence on the runway.

The uniqueness in Tyra Banks is not her rapidly changing hairstyles or her love for the camera or even her distinct clothes that set her apart from the others, it’s her vivacity and liveliness that is her real genius and makes her so unique and stylish.

Whether it’s the bald look that Tyra is supporting, or wearing harem pants, or supporting the extremely chic business woman look with a striped shirt, suspenders and a tie, or wearing black corset with high leggings; she is one female fashion icon whose style is not to be missed out on. Her real genius steps forth in her reality show America’s Next Top Model where she, along with her own exceptional style, is seen to be instilling confidence and poise in the girls on the outlook of becoming the next big thing in the American fashion scene.

Tyra Banks has modelled for fashion giants such as Anna Sui, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and has appeared on the covers of high profile fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle. The fact that she was the first African American chosen for the catalogue of Victoria’s Secret speaks volumes for her credibility and her exceptionality and thus, she walked for the last time on the runway for Victoria’s Secret Fashion show too.

An MBA candidate at Harvard, Tyra is always seen to have done her fashion homework and is always dressed to kill. She has the looks, the air to her which demands attention.  She rocks whichever look she endorses and that look easily gets picked up by the fashion world. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that it’s not her designer clothes or her edgy fashion sense that gets her in the limelight, but her unconventional outlook towards life and her exuberance which makes her so unique and stylish.

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