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Jennifer Lopez – The Beauty Icon

Singer, dancer, producer, fashion designer, actress and now listed as Most Beautiful Woman of the World listed by Peoples magazine ‘Jennifer Lopez’ is not a name that needs an introduction. Hot and sizzling Jennifer Lopez- the beauty icon also known by her nickname J.Lo. appears to have everything in one line whether it’s her iconic career, family or her everlasting beauty. You admire her independence, sense of style that becomes an icon by simply being what she is. Whether we talk about voguish beauty or a classy diva, Jennifer Lopez is surely going to be a beauty icon that is influential and incredibly beautiful on the inside too.

Beauty is shown in the kindness and versatility of your style that is positively growing in Jennifer Lopez with perfection all around. Beauty icons have a common lifestyle trend like others but their kindness and diversity of thoughts make them your icon. Even now at the age of 41 she didn’t let anything in her way of beauty icon and she is still in great shape and stylish as ever. She has a taste in fashion and clothing in addition to her music skills and each style is prominent and appears beautifully in the eyes of people. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most well-known female celebrities in the world. She is a beauty icon not for her outer beauty but also for her fairness in the eye of prejudice.

Being stylish and beautiful is a desire that has not faded even through centuries and when we talk about beauty icons it has reached an all-time high instead. People have their own reasons that evoke a desire to look beautiful, but for celebrities, it is said to be a must. There is the number of celebrities who are famous for their beauty and style but only a few have such a charisma that listed them as a beauty icon. Jennifer Lopez is a splendour queen whose magnificence and vivacity have landed her in the most beautiful woman of 2011. There are only a few names that made boldface names because of their beauty and Jennifer Lopez with a certain something that makes her iconic in her own way.

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