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Beauty icon – Beyonce Knowles

The popular beauty icon, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, commonly known as Beyonce is a person of versatile talent and stamina to carry off that image very well in the public. She has won various Grammy’s for her famous album songs, such as “If I Were a Boy.” She has engaged herself in film roles, fashion designing, singing and stage performances. All these years, Beyonce has entertained the audience with her various roles.

Beyonce Knowles is categorized as the top twenty beauty icon by the fashion critiques these days. Beauty icon, Beyonce is a popular and versatile personality in the industry. Beauty is her one aspect; Beyonce is an American R&B recording artist, a fashion designer, singer and an actress. Beyonce is recognized for her ever-changing looks. She is a complete workaholic and an all-rounder superstar of this millennium. Born in the city of Texas, this beauty icon has thrilled the whole world with her magnificent personality.

According to the beauty icon, Beyonce, there are a few great anti-fatigue beauty tricks. All she likes keeping with herself is a pair of Ray-Bans handy. Another beauty trick that Beyonce follows is by applying a gold eye shadow in the inner corner of her eye instead of a white one to give it a more subtle and awake appearance. Beyonce likes to put layers of bronzers when appearing publicly. The one she uses is the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One Day gel which according to the beauty icon looks great on her skin tone. Beyonce believes in doing the makeup herself on various performances. It allows her to flaunt her beauty in the manner in which she is most comfortable.  Also, Beyonce believes it’s is fun to play around with makeup. On other occasions, she has a makeup artist who helps her complete the job.  This is done by showing her the ways to put the makeup on paper and then she can apply it on her face accordingly.

Beyonce feels that hair and makeup are of great importance if one plans to be in a film role or a movie. This realization came with a character that she played, Etta James in Cadillac records. In that, she had to wear a blond wig with keeping thick eyebrows. Beauty icons always believe in staying in the natural skin. That is how the whole look can be manipulated by applying a different lipstick or eyeliner.

As a child, Beyonce experimented with her hair a lot since her mother owned a beauty salon. One blunder which she often shares is of cutting off her ponytail thinking she can get some extensions done like her mother used to do with other women. Beyonce says that she doesn’t follow a specific diet to remain beautiful and perfect in shape. All she does is watch out for what she eats, avoids pasta particularly. Cereal for dinner, salads in lunch and a light dinner is her food routine. On Sundays, she treats herself with good food. Thus, the beauty icon is as fresh as she has ever been since she is happily married to the popular singer, Jay Z.

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