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Stevie Nicks: Beauty and the Beast

Stephanie Lynn also known as “Stevie” Nicks is an American singer and a song writer. Stevie Nicks songs are the most well known and she is best known for her work when she worked with some company or she performed solo, this collectively has managed to provide her with so many albums that gained her the profits in double figures of million. The more the albums she sold the stronger the opinion of her fans get about her that she has been the best over the American charts. She was considered “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” and one of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” by rolling stone.

Almost all the American knows the name and they are familiar with her songs. Some of her songs would have been the club anthems for a long time. She not just collaborated with several different people rather it was her effort to become what she was. A celebrity deserves appreciation because he/she has the talent or the element of hard work to be known as a celebrity inherently and over the years they polish the skills as their passion.

They say luck is the key to success I believe luck is unlocked with one’s own hard work. The only thing that makes such people successful is their passion for a particular thing along with the effort they put in to attain a girl. Stevie Nick’s songs are some of the songs that have been some of the all time favorites. Stevie Nicks has worked as solo artist and as a part of a team and she has proved herself well enough to the industry as her songs have had the profits in billions and that too in 3 digit figures.

Although Stevie Nicks manages to get her song album be sold all over the place in no time and she also produces a lot of solo songs that have been on the US top charts and the album won the Album of the year in 1978 and produces four US top 10 singles. After being able to prove herself all over the world Stevie Nick started a solo career Stevie Nicks remained a popular solo performer and she earned her place as a good solo singer due to her voice and mystical visual style, and symbolic lyrics, as well as the famous yet tense chemistry between Stevie Nick and Lindsey Buckingham.

“Beauty and the beast” is a song by the American singer and the song writer Stevie Nicks. It is the final track on her second album “the wild heart” released made the fans enthusiastic/ It was later released in a live version. The perfection in her work is also seen through this album and the song. Stevie Nick has now gained a new level of fame and popularity due to the beauty and beast being a success and this work has given a new direction to her career and a new direction to her work as a singer. All those who still don’t know Stevie Nick; will now know her due to her success after beauty and the beast.

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