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Stimulus Check Update: Check Your Payment History

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With the tax season coming in for the American economy, most Americans have been looking at the amounts that they have received in stimulus check payments. As it stands, there are two different ways to check for these payments.

One of them involves searching it through mail or online. Individuals were previously given the facility to use the Get My Payment tool- but that doesn’t seem to be an option any longer. And since the IRS has already sent the checks, you could claim any undelivered payments through a Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax returns.

You will be allowed to check which stimulus check payments you received and how much they were worth online. This can be done easily through your online account which is directly connected to the IRS website. Once you sign in to the account, you will be able to view the information.

Information for the first, second, and third stimulus check payments will be readily available for anyone willing to peruse. You will find this under the Economic Income Payment Information tab. And this, in turn, can be found on the Tax Records page.

You are also eligible to check your stimulus check history by looking at the different letters that were sent out by the IRS which detail your stimulus history. In 2020, the letters which were sent regarding the first and the second economic impacts came under Notice 1444 and 1444-B.

In 2021, the information came under Notice 1444-C for that stimulus payment. Additionally, Letter 6475 was sent ahead of the tax season in order to show taxpayers what they would be eligible for while claiming their refund.

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