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Best Makeup Remover for Acne Prone Skin

Makeup Remove for Acne Skin

Makeup RemovingEveryone has different skin tone and one should wear makeup according to its skin type. Some women are very fond of wearing makeup all the time, but this makeup could be harmful for their skin if not taken off at night. Ladies and girls with acne prone skin can wear should wear the makeup that is free from fragrances and alcohol because this can make skin breakout.

Moreover, if you have acne problem than you need to use the makeup that is free of strong chemicals and oils. Your foundation should be matte and your makeup should be light. Greasy makeup, concealers and sunscreens can clog your pores if you are the victim of acne. You can use water-based skin products for acne problem and avoid harsh scrubbing on your face; you acne will get worse if you do harsh scrubbing. Skin experts recommend gentle cleansers that have chamomile, licorice and vitamin E for the acne prone skin.

Makeup for acne prone skin

The makeup you wear has a great influence on the type of makeup remover you need to use. For acne problem, you should first read the labels of your makeup and choose the one that is potentially free from acne causing ingredients i.e. petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol etc. try to use “non acnegenic” skin products that can easily be removed with ordinary cleanser and water. Some makeup products are long wearing but they usually contains wax and oil that can not be removed without the help of oil-based makeup remover.

Makeup remover for acne prone skin

As it is mentioned above that the makeup you wear influences the type of makeup remover you need to use! If you will use fragrance free makeup than it is definite that you makeup remover will also be fragrance free. Makeup removers are also cosmetics that are specially designed to remove pigments of makeup easily. There are two types of makeup remover; oil based and oil free. Oil based makeup removers are for normal and dry skin while oil free makeup removers are designed for sensitive or acne prone skin. Here is the guide for Acne prone skin makeup remover.

Fragrance free makeup remover

If you have acne problem than you should not use skin products with excess fragrance. These types of skin products can cause more irritation on your skin and can make the situation more badly. So is in the case of makeup remover, you should clean up or remove your make with a cleanser that is free of fragrance

Alcohol free makeup remover

Alcohol is the other ingredient that can cause severe harm on the acne prone skin. If you have acne problem than you need to use such makeup remover or cleanser that is free of alcohol and other chemicals. Alcohol can cause itch and irritation on your face leaving red spots on the skin.

Silicon makeup remover

To make irritation free makeup removing, acne prone skin needs the makeup remover that contains silicon in it. Don’t ever use the cleanser containing detergents or other fragrances. Silicon can remove your makeup without harming your skin.

Warm water

Experts suggest that people with acne prone skin should use gentle cleanser and than wash their face with warm water. Warm water is the best cleanser for all types of skin. Daily washing your face with warm water can make your skin look fresh and glowing. Do not use any face wash or chemical soap for acne prone skin. Get your skin cleaned by washing with warm water only.

If you want your skin germs and bacteria free, than you must clean your face with a perfect cleanser before going to bed. Overnight makeup can make your skin dull leaving wrinkles and other signs of aging. But if you have acne problem, than never use oily, chemical or fragrance makeup removers.

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