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I Love my Freckles!

i love my freckles

FrecklesI totally hated the look those brown spot created on my skin and I always use to imagine how good my skin would have looked without those freaking freckles! But then I saw model Cintia Dicker, and I though how dreamy and youthful her face looks with those freckles!

I searched a little bit about them and I thought how foolish I was to abhor them, freckles are actually fantastic and youthful, they are nothing like skin allergy or bad skin condition, but just a color of our skin like other tones and if we can embrace other skin tones, why not freckles!

So many of super models and actors such as Emma Watson, Lindsay Lohan, Cintia Dicker, Emma Stone, Megan Fox have them and they are proud of them. So it’s time you should reconsider your beauty habits and start embracing those cute little brown spots.

In past freckles were made disappear with the layers and layers of thick foundation as they were considered a beauty flaw, but now the concept has been changed and makeup artists tend to enhance these beauty spots rather than hiding them.

Here are some makeup tips to enhance the dreamy look of your freckles and to make them your real sex appeal:

  • Use a light-weight sheer foundation to mute the darker shade of your freckles
  • The best blush-on tones for freckled faces are those that are peachy to complement the color of freckles.
  • Add a subtle sun-kissed glow with make-up to create a super sexy look.
  • For eyes, shades that differ from the color of your freckles are the best alternatives to bring out the best of your facial features.
  • Keep away from exclusive brown tones for your eyes. Go for the grey, black and peachy shades
  • The best shades of lips for freckled faces are browns and plums to suit your skin tone as well as hair color.
  • It is better to skip pinkish shades for lips and go for nude lips to completely perk up your look.

So with better makeup techniques, you are surely going to love the dreamy appeal of your freckles like I do!  Plus, confidence is the key, love yourself and people will love you!

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