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Why women get bleached patches in their knickers – and how vaginas are to blame

Have you ever spotted a bleached patch on your underwear?

You may have noticed it once or twice and immediately assumed it was something bad.

But the truth is, it’s completely normal to have light patches on your undies.

It’s actually linked to your vagina as its natural pH levels is what causes it to change the colour of your knickers.

A pH level is the marker for how acidic or alkaline something is with a healthy vagina somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5.

Posting on Twitter to their 88,700 followers, the experts at Vagina Museum highlighted how “completely normal” the stain was.

The tweet read: “Do you find lighter patches in your dark underwear? IT’S NORMAL!

“Your vagina is acidic and has a pH level of 3.8-4.5. That’s acidic enough to bleach fabric and that’s what’s happening.”

The Vagina Museum reassured fans the patches had nothing to do with period blood or discharge – it’s just bleach from the pH levels.

They added: “It’s not a sign of dirtiness or bad hygiene to have paler patches in your pants.”

And the process happens when the acidity of a “perfectly healthy vagina” spends time in contact with fabric.

The Vagina Museum wrote: “So it’s not just you. Lighter patches in your knickers are normal and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Since the first tweet was shared on Wednesday, it racked up 25,700 retweets and 75,000 likes.

In the post, the account also shared a photo of two pairs of dark knickers with the patches in the crotch area.

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