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Makeup tips that keep Makeup Natural

Makeup tips that keep Makeup Natural

The whole point of makeup is to make you look the best of you, so make sure you use the right makeup the right way.

A natural, rosy radiance is very appealing. When applying makeup blush, you want the color to look soft and natural:

  • Lightly blow on the makeup brush to remove any excess blush before applying to prevent a harsh and uneven makeup application.
  • Apply your makeup blush on the apple of the cheek and carefully blend towards your natural hairline. If you have two shades, apply the darker one on the apple of the cheek first, then use the lighter shade to highlight. Blend well.
  1. Highlight your temples, forehead and chin.

A makeup tip to know is “where to glow”; bend over for 30 seconds, and then slowly stand up. Where your cheeks are flushed is where you are meant to apply makeup blush.

Another very important makeup tip is to ensure cheek color should be used to improve your complexion, not to change your natural skin tone. Use makeup blush carefully for daytime, then add more or a deeper shade for a more theatrical nighttime effect. For special occasions, dust a lightly frosted powder over your cheekbones for a delicate but appealing glow.

Make sure to blend your makeup blush into your foundation well or it will tend to look unnatural and add the appearance of 5 years to your looks.

Shape up your lips right to go with your makeup blush. Lining your lips is significant for creating plump, noticeable lips. Perfecting your pout also adds to the perfect makeup. What effect are you looking to achieve; creamy, sheer, and glossy. Attractive lips are soft and supple, so keep your lips smooth.

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