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Party-makeup to fall for!


partymakeup_to_fall_forIt is always good to maintain a right balance between not under or over doing makeup and using the correct shades of makeup for different parts of the day.

Party makeup can be for any part of the day depending upon what sort of party you are going to attend and what is the occasion. Doing party makeup can be quite a task as all the girls want a professional look but in quick, easy and homemade way. Going to beauty parlors for party makeup all the time is very costly and at times not at all worth it!

The first thing before starting off with your party makeup is to decide what sort of a look you want. Do you want to like like a Barbie or Marilyn Monroe, you like the glossy makeup or the matte finish. Furthermore, the colors of your dress and jewelry matter a lot as everything should complement each other.

If you are planning to do party makeup for evening then use nice face shimmers and sparkling eye shades. Blue, green, red etc all work well on eyes but don’t forget to blend them with either gold or silver depending upon the color of the accessories you are planning to wear and the mbellishments on your dress.

Under the eyebrow, apply a silver shimmer to enhance the overall shape of the eye. Complete the eye make up by applying a dark colored eye liner preferably black, electric blue, dark green and chocolate brown and use a volumizing mascara for the eyelashes to add the extra tinge of being glamorous.

For lips, just apply a good and neutral tone lip gloss. A lipstick is a big NO! Complete the look with a little shimmery blush-on enhancing your cheekbone.Keep the eye makeup dark, glamorous and sparkling for the evenings and the rest should be just glossy and pinkish!

For the day time, keep your makeup as minimal as possible. It means keeping your makeup less visible to the people and maintain a natural skin tone and complexion. The day makeup is less about being glamorous and more about being chic, trendy and pretty.

The use of pink and peach shades is very preferable in party makeup for the day. Use a very light and neutral base or foundation and try to avoid face shimmers. Apply light colors of eyeshades and use a good blush-on in any shade of pink. A light colored lipstick is preferable in makeup for the day time if not using a lip gloss. Illuminators are a very good makeup item for day as well as night time so use them too.

May it be a party makeup for day time or night time, always keep in mind that your natural complexion and freshness is the best and most glamorous makeup for you. Keep the makeup use minimal and make the original “you” shine out. Never let artificial things ruin your originality.

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