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Secret to Applying Cream Blush to Get Bigger Eyes

Applying Cream Blush to get Bigger Eyes

Applying Cream Blush to get Bigger EyesDid you know the secret behind the increasingly popular cream blush? Is your cream blush one of the best types of blush that one can ever possess in a variety of makeup? Just a sheer wash of any type of cream blush color on the face remains for long and gives just the perfect glowing look on your face. Many women still don’t use cream blush because they are unaware of the blush’s importance. The good part of it is that cream blush is easy and convenient to use for daily purpose.

The application of cream blush and the secret behind its popularity will be unleashed as you read on.

Option 1: Hands

Step 1

To use cream blush, you have to use two fingers on the compact and take out some product to apply it. The key to using cream blush is to take out a bit of it at a time. Further, you can add more cream blush if required.

Step 2:

With those fingers, tap it on the cheek, smudge and check if the cream blush is sufficient for you to get going.

Option 2: Makeup Sponge

A clean sponge is best used to apply the cream blush on the apples of the cheeks. The application of cream blush is like doing painting where you can get the desired results by experimenting.

Eyes are the window to your soul. Who doesn’t want to make their eyes’ look bigger, bright and sexy at the same time? The key to applying just the right eye makeup is essential. We’ll give you tips on how to do brilliant eye makeup to make the eyes look bigger.

Step 1: Prepare

To begin the eye makeup, first work on the areas nearby. Apply the foundation and a concealer evenly throughout the face

Step 2: Eye makeup and eyeliner

You need to use a cream powder in the eye makeup and make them look frosty over the lids part. A grey shadow to begin with is the best eye makeup color to make them look sparkly. Eye sockets can be blended with a dark grey color. Gradually you can draw attention to the upper lid by applying eyeliner smoothly. Thick eyeliner can be applied as part of the eye makeup to make them look bigger. White pencil can be applied inside the lower lid of the eyes.

Step 3: Mascara

Curling up of the eye lashes is compulsory to complete the eye makeup and give it a finishing look.

Step 4: Finish

Brush your eyebrows to give your eye makeup look more prominent and unique.

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